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Printed On : 04-07-2020

Hammer Rower Cobra Malta | Rowers Malta | Sports Malta | Fitness Malta | Training Malta | Weightlifting Malta | Wellbeing Malta | Tip Top Sports Malta | Tip Top Malta Hammer Rower Cobra Malta | Rowers Malta | Sports Malta | Fitness Malta | Training Malta | Weightlifting Malta | Wellbeing Malta | Tip Top Sports Malta | Tip Top Malta Hammer Rower Cobra Malta | Rowers Malta | Sports Malta | Fitness Malta | Training Malta | Weightlifting Malta | Wellbeing Malta | Tip Top Sports Malta | Tip Top Malta

Hammer Rower Cobra

Item Code:  TT10497

PRICE:  €399.00

Availability:  In stock


Product Details

- 2 years warranty parts and labour

- Prices includes delivery till door groundfloor (boxed)


Effective rowing requires an ergonomically correct design for the rowing arms so that the simulated movements are as close to the real thing as possible. The Rower Cobra fulfils this requirement and also offers high-quality and professional settings: aluminium frame, 3x adjustable rowing rail for even more intense exercise sequences, and an on-board computer that make it easy to read your exercise data and to safely take your pulse during the rowing movement.


Power workout while rowing! Classic rower with cantilever arms and 3x adjustable rowing rail.


There really is no other fitness equipment that offers the same comprehensive whole-body workout that a rower offers. Strength and endurance are not worked separately; they are worked at the same time, which optimally defines your body – with in just one exercise session.

Rowing exercises on the Rower Cobra rower strengthens the structure of your entire body, both the active and the inactive muscle groups. Just about all of the major muscle groups are worked at least once during the sequence of movement so that you are „fit from top to bottom“. The brunt of the work is borne by the Latissimus Dorsi, the broad back muscle, the biceps, and the thigh muscle. But the lower back and stomach muscles are also activated and provide necessary stabilisation. The calves and buttocks are primarily activated during the stretching movement. When the movements are executed properly, you will feel the strengthening effect and muscle build-up after a relatively short exercise period on the Rower Cobra. However, the rower is primarily considered a cardio trainer, meaning an endurance machine.


Training just like real rowing with the Hammer Rower Cobra


Many valuable effects can be achieved for the cardiovascular system with targeted exercises.

    - Improvement of general endurance and condition
    - Improvement of short-term, mid-term and long-term endurance
    - Support for the cardiovascular system
    - Special build-up of the back, arm shoulder and leg muscles
    - Weight loss
    - Reduction in subcutaneous fat tissue


Cardio workouts with the Hammer Rower Cobra also offer other benefits: you can exercise whenever you want since workouts do not depend on time or weather. For example, you can easily watch TV during an exercise session and save time by avoiding the trip to the gym.
Comfortable sequence of movement that is easy on the joints

Hammer Rudergerät Rower Cobra

Exercising on the Hammer Rower Cobra is especially comfortable thanks to the high-quality fittings. The ball bearing seat smoothly glides along the aluminium rail. The simulated rowing movement is just like on the water thanks to the ergonomically designed rowing arm. In contrast to rower with only one handhold, with this machine you exercise with two rowing arms, just like on professional rowboats.

Your weight rests on the moveable seat while you row, and the bones, ligaments, and tendons in your legs are unburdened, which makes your exercise session easy on the joints. Because both rowing arms should be moved as uniformly as possible, you also intensely train your coordination with the Hammer Rower Cobra.
Precisely controlled strain and clear on-board computer

Hammer Rudergerät Rower Cobra

Either aim for a specific upper limit for your heart rate so that you consistently remain in the right heart frequency and metabolism range, or row with an eye of distance, strokes/min or calories burned. The on-board computer in the Hammer Rower Cobra shows all data relevant to your exercise session on a clear LCD display. Since the computer moves with the seat during the entire rowing motion, it is easy to read the exercise data even if you are in the middle of a more fast-paced exercise session. This patented computer system makes rowing on the Rower Cobra particularly comfortable.


Here is an overview of the display options for the monitor on the Rower Cobra:


    - Time in hours, minutes, seconds
    - Distance covered in meters and kilometres
    - Strokes per minute
    - Total strokes
    - Training program
    - Heart rate and upper limit for heart rate
    - Calories burned


You can set the resistance via the 12-level settings on the cylinder arms. The 12 levels on both cylinders are precisely attuned to one another and allow both beginners and advanced individuals to exercise on the rower.


During your exercise session you can easily measure your heart rate via the ear clip included in the Rower Cobra's scope of the delivery.


Optimal machine settings
Hammer Rudergerät Rower Cobra

The Hammer Rower Cobra rower is also at the head of the pack in terms of adaptability. Thanks to the movable footrests, the rower can be adjusted to accommodate various leg lengths. This means that both the big and the small can exercise equally. Your feet are kept in their position with Velcro so that a smooth sequence of motion is guaranteed.


The rowing rail can be adjusted in terms of height and grade; there are three different settings. This makes various sitting positions and more intense exercise sequences on the Rower Cobra. Safety is always ensured, even if your rowing session is quick and dynamic: The nonslip handholds on the rowing arms hold fast enough, even if you sweat a lot or if the tensile force is high.
Simple space-saving design and additional equipment

Hammer Rudergerät Rower Cobra


 The resistance cylinders, the rolling seat, the exercise computer and the footrests on the Rower Cobra are in black and set themselves apart from the otherwise silver aluminium frame. The dimensions when set up are 155 x 166 x 50 cm (L x W x H); the rower can be reduced to 125 x 57 x 44 cm with in just a few quick steps. This makes it possible for you to store the HAMMER Rower Cobra even in smaller flats. The rower, which itself weighs 21 kg, can hold a maximum body weight of 130 kg.


Conclusion and overview

The Hammer Rower Cobra rower combines strength and endurance training in just one fitness machine. During your rowing session, your health is positively influenced and your physical fitness can be improved across the board.

The high-quality aluminium rail and the ball bearing comfort seat facilitate comfortable exercise sessions that are easy on the joints. What's more, the adjustable footrests and the slide rail - which has three different settings - make this machine suitable for any family member, no matter how big or small. The Rower Cobra displays your exercise data on the simple 3-field display. Your heart rate is measured via an ear clip and the strain is regulated in an optimal manner. You can choose between 12 different resistance levels directly on the cylinder.

Thanks to its low weight and space-saving dimensions when folded, the Rower Cobra can be easily set up in any room and transported.


Rower Cobra product details


    - Rower with rowing arms with 3x height-adjustable aluminium rail
    - Computer with 6 functions for perfect control and performance enhancement
    - Permanent display: 3
    - Precise resistance settings in 12 levels and heart rate measurement
    - Ball bearing comfort seat with on-board computer that allows you to comfortably read data
    - Velcro to fix your feet into place
    - Foldable, compact and modern design in silver/black
    - Brake system: Resistance cylinder
    - Heart rate measurement: ear clip


Key Specs

Maximum User Weight:
130 Kgs
21 Kgs
Brake System:
Resistance cylinders
12-fold adjustable force resistance
Computer Functions:
Time / Strokes per minute / Programme / Pulse / Strokes in total / distance / Calorie consumption
Transport Rollers:
Size when Folded:
(L) 122 x (W) 107 x (H) 32 cm
Size When Assembled:
(L) 127 x (W) 168 x (H) 47 cm
boxed: (L) 53 x (W) 107 x (H) 17 cm